I am a freelance designer.I get paid for the designing stuff i do. Actually the worthy part of it pays me 😛 .

Being a undergrad student i wanted something that can do well for my ‘extra’ pocket money. So here it was- i loved to design from my childhood days and hence had a quite  good experience in it. Starting off from my second year of graduation, i had pretty much increased grab in CorelDraw  till the next.

here are a few of them:



wp- sasa

The pamphlet :


College Clubs LOGOS

Club YantraVeda


This was the very first thing I handled on my own. the above is the logo for the robotics club YantraVeda. Was a easy one.

Club ElectroLeXus


Moving forward, I had to design this one too. Now as this club was related to electronic circuits, there had to be a imprint of some circuit connection and getting a result. This reminded me of our primary science classes where the bulb went on with the switch getting on.I tried to implement it this way. The colors red and Blue show the Line and Ground of the supply whereas the red part of the bulb shows the glowing output because of the input line.

Quiz Club: Question Munch


As the club was related to questions and quizzes on stage, it was important to be seen in the logo. I thought of designing the logo like the viewers gallery. it took a lot of time to go through this, but did a fair job!

Farewell 😀

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The party was decided to be a Royal themed party, the invitation card was demanded to be a royal one. I always try make choices available to my peers. Hence i got two backgrounds for the card. They found the brown one interesting .

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I used the same royal theme in this memento. The best part of a memento is the message with which its given to you. These designs won a few of hearts around me 🙂 .

The invitation and the momento.

These got past the finals.



I was asked to create a logo for this college group, named babul. They were much happy with the shield theme, not the color theme. Working on it.